Famous First-Gens

Michelle Kwan - Olympic Figure Skater

Born in Torrance, California, Michelle is the third child of Danny Kwan and Estella Kwan, immigrants from Hong Kong. She is a 2-time olympic medalist, a 5-time world champion and 9-time US Champion figure skater.

Larry King - Journalist/TV Host

Around the globe he entered our homes and our hearts as the long-time host of Larry King Live, but he entered the world as Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger, born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Russian Mother and Austro-Hungarian Father. 

Uzo Aduba - Actress
Uzo was born in Boston to Nigerian parents, of the Igbo tribe. She is best known for her role as Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren on the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, for which she won a SAG Award and Primetime Emmy.

Colin Powell - Fmr. US Secretary of State
A retired four-star general in the US Army, Powell was born in Harlem, NY to Jamaican immigrant parents, with a trace of Scottish ancestry. He became the first African American to serve as Secretary of State from 2001-2005 under Presiden George W. Bush.

Joan Rivers - Comic/Actress/Author

A groundbreaking, no-nonsense, often controversial comedian and 12-time best-selling author, Rivers was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in Brooklyn, NY to Russian Immigrant parents.

Walt Disney - Magnificent Dreamer
You can't say Mickey Mouse or Disneyland without thinking of Walt Disney! A global cultural icon, Disney was born in Chicago to an Irish-Canadian fater and a , mother from German and English descent. Although he died in 1966 from lung cancer, his legacy lives on in countless resorts and our imaginations.